Nur Amalina Bte Mohamad.
04 MAY 1990.
Nanyang poly.
Molecular Biotechnology.

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Friday, November 05, 2010
"pakcik2" lepak

i reached home 12.22am.
its been long since i last back home damn late. and mum was angry.
i wonder what will happened tmr.
ok anyways, reason y im back home late was because bf finally meet up with his mates and yes long chat plus the joke n laughter plus smoking(not me of course!).
im really tired from laughing and all. i had fun.

bf im soo gonna miss u :(

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

OMG bloogiee! i miss you really.
at first i thought of abandoning you but u;ve been with me since i was sec 3 or 4.
im really sorry for not updating k bby.
i tot of switching to tumblr. but satu bende pon tk reti pkai.
sorry bby. im here to take u back. forgive me k.

i will be back updating k!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

just 1 week. =(

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
whats wrong.

work is super tiring.
one more day just one more day for the week.
super tired super sleepy.

i dun feel good this week, maybe its just me or i really duno.
i get annoyed so easily over super small things.
i dun feel right abt us.
i feel that we dun spend much time together like we always do.
regarrdless ur off dday or ur working day, we dun meet often like we always do.
i cant call u anytime i want to like always.
u dun reply me as soon as i msg.
and when u call at night, im already asleep.

oh oh its full moon tonight, beautiful,very beautiful!! MasyaAllah!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

im starting my jogging back after 2 yrs of not being active.
attachment life is boring, no time to hang out, no time to do anything.
i miss studying, like seriously.
miss having long break in btw lesson.
misss my friends especially.
working and studying life is so so so different!
i dun mind studying my whole life.

anyway, alot of pple has been asking me what is my plan after poly.
im not sure myself actually, but most probably studying.
i was thinking overseas but i cant live without my family and bf and friends!!!
i want to study zoology or maybe more of chemistry side.
i dun know! i got to start thinking seh.
and maybe last resort, NIE!
ajar chemistry. cool jgak tu.
insyaAllah ok.
pray for me pple.